Imaginary friend Colors.jpg
Imaginary Friend Scribbles 1.png
Character Exploration.png
Mr Tibbles Modelsheet.jpg
Mr Tibbles Dusttrail.jpg

Character designs for the Youtube sketch Imaginary Friend by Thomas Ridgewell, 2017

Modelsheet Zoe.png
Modelsheet Rachel V2.png

Scientist couple for a personal comic project, 2018

Scribbles Colored 4_low.jpg

Unusual hunting trophies, concepts for wall decoration sculptures, 2018


Lazy Dog, 2015

Indiana 2.jpg

Indiana Jones short, personal project, 2017

2017_04_Pacman V2.jpg

My take on Pacman, 2017

dogmeat and fem survivor.jpg

Designs for the mashup cartoon Fallout Time, 2016